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We are G*Wiz Creative!
G*Wiz Creative is the name we gave our business back in 2007.  At that time, we weren't sure what it was our business did, but we thought it was a cool name, since both our last names started with the letter G.
It wasn't long, though, before we were putting our talents to work on a wide variety of projects, including ad copy writing; audio production for radio, TV, on hold messaging, and live theatre; music mixing for Mardi Gras balls and drag shows; and producing musicals! Oh, and we do a little emceeing, too (see Events page).
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G*Wiz Creative Promo Video
See how we can bring the fun to your venue!
"So who are you?" (We can hear you asking)
Glad you asked!  We're Rikki Gee and Philip Gordon, a real-life Will & Grace, although we have neither will nor grace.  We're originally both from Arkansas.  In 2006, we moved to New Orleans together to seek our fortunes and share an adventure. In 2018, we relocated to the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.  The fortunes continue to elude us, but the adventures... well, those we found!
Check out the rest of our website!  You'll find more about what we do and who we are on each page. Events will tell you where we are during the week, G*Notes is Rikki's blog, Demos will give you an idea what we do during the day when we're not entertaining, and Contact Us will give you a chance to complain to management.

Our "Contact Us" page has been updated!  Sign our guestbook if you want to blow smoke up our asses (yeah, we're into that) or fill out a private comment form if you want to really tell us what you think!
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